1. Perverse...almost religious 1:07
2. Opium 2:47
3. Awake 3:06
4. For a taste of eternity 3:53
5. Ruin & misery 3:49
6. A poisoned gift 5:34
7. Subversion 2:44
8. Raven claws 3:17
9. Mephisto 4:58
10. Herr spiegelmann 4:35
11. Full moon madness 6:47
total time 42:37

Line up

Fernando Ribeiro - Vocals

Ares - Bass

Mike - Drums

Ricardo Amorim - Guitars

Pedro Paixao - Synths and Samplers



We would like to greet the ones
who have kindly gifted us with their art:

Birgit Zacher - female vocals on
"Raven Claws"

Markus Freiwald - Percussion on
"For a Taste of Eternity"

Irreligious was recorded
at Woodhouse Studios
between the 25th of March
and the 11th of May
Produced and mixed
by Waldemar Sorychta (Waldy BVB)
Engineered by Siggi Bemm

All music by Moonspell
ALl lyrics by Fernando Ribeiro

Photography by Rolf Brenner
Layout and design by
Media Logistics
and Moonspell

welcome under the Moonspell...

Sob o feitico da Luna celebramos todos os que sao memórias
de Lobos que rasgam a pele,
Lobos que foram homens e o tornarao a ser...

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